The biggest winter illumination in Kanto: Sagamiko Illumination

Japan is a country that seems to love illuminations. Especially in winter, many large-scale illuminations can be seen at various locations across the country. Among the most famous illumination events in Kanto area, the Sagamiko Illumination is widely known as the largest and the longest running one!

This year, it incorporates over 5 million LED lights in a wide range of colors and utilizes new production of music and light constructions to create a magical world. We went to enjoy this spectacular illumination on the last day of February and here are some photos from our trip.

1A Christmas tree at the entrance with giant Ferris wheel in the background.

2Entering the venue, we were greeted with a sight of purple and pink carpets covering the hillsides.

3One of the slopes was blanketed with colorful flowers. 

4A long tunnel decorated with blinking rainbow lights.

5The ocean of blue lights with sea creatures (Can you spot a whale in this photo?)

6The chairlift took us to the mountain top where we could enjoy the scenery from a different viewpoint.

7There was also a giant swing ride for the adventure-seeker.


8The not-to-be-missed Palace of Light exhibition, an animated light show accompanied by music and dancing water fountain.


For anyone who wants to catch this last bit of winter illumination, it is held on weekends and holidays from 6PM until April 12th. Entrance ticket costs 600 yen and round-trip ticket for chairlift costs 400 yen. The journey takes about 1-2 hours from central Tokyo. The nearest train station is Sagamiko station from where you can take bus no.21 to the park. There is also direct bus which departs from Shinjuku but advanced reservation is required via telephone or internet.



by Kate P.



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