About Us

The beginnings

It all began with a simple tweet by Ian Ishida, founder of trippiece. He was then running an NPO called Unoneicchi. Inspired by Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, which were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2006, he decided to make a trip to Bangladesh. He casually mentioned this on Twitter and little did he know he’d get overwhelming response from like-minded friends and followers. Soon enough, he was on his way to Bangladesh with 18 strangers-turned-travelling-buddies.

So.. that’s how trippiece came about? 

Most of us must have experienced it… You saw a postcard, or a friend’s FB feed, and really want to go somewhere. But your friends already have their vacations lined up for the year, or they are busy with their work, or they are simply not interested. Go alone? Or not go at all?

On trippiece.com, you can find potential travelling buddies and travelling ideas. We are a community of travellers looking for likeminded people for the next adventure. We provide the online platform for travellers like you to plan your trips and explore new places with new travelling buddies! We call it “social travelling”.

Some of the places we have been to include the world’s largest natural mirror at the salt pans of Bolivia, RV road-trip around America’s Grand Circle, the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, swimming with dolphins in Palau… and the best part is, all these trips are organised and planned by our users, individuals who have caught the travelling bug and can’t stop now.

Why Japan?

We’ve been helping our Japanese users travel the world, and now it only makes perfect sense for us to open our doors to the world! Yes, Japan is exactly what you imagined it to be – traditional and modern, conservative and crazy. We’ve got the world’s most intelligent robots in the very same country with centuries-old cedar trees and ancient shrines. We party hard and loud in Ninja, Robot, Prison-themed restaurants, yet we also seek peace and tranquility in the zen gardens. Our people are no exception – shy to approach but warm at heart.

Admittedly, it is difficult to fully enjoy Japan due to the language barrier. Hence, we are here to show you how to do it like a local – be it soaking up in the hot springs, tasting the finest Japanese delicacy and rice wine, or even taking instant photos in the fancy photo-booths found at game centres. Come explore Japan with us!

trippiece team in winter 2013
trippiece team in summer 2014


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